Hello dear readers!

My name is Wanya, I am a Master Student and I live in Germany.

I started blogging in 2009 on different platforms and I thought it was finally time to start my own blog. I am kind of used to blogging, since I’ve been doing it for quiet some time now and everytime there is a gap between my blogs I feel like there is something missing and the worst part about that is I feel like I am wasting my outfits. I’m sure you know the feeling when you’re dressing up and everything looks to your satisfaction and then you go to this event and it’s a disapointment and you feel like you wasted an outfit, this is how I feel when I’m not blogging.

I work here and there as a stylist and make up artist on various short films, music videos and photoshootings. A couple of years ago me and my best friend worked on a vintage fashion line called the Pretenders Ma, where we collected vintage pieces all around the world and changed the clothes, so you can wear them as individual items no one else has.  You can find some of the photos on my page WORK.

The concept of this blog is not only to show you my style, my looks and my beauty tipps but also to present you some people whose styles I find interesting and inspiring. I hope you like the idea and the variety of faces, bodies, styles and individual charisma I want to catch in and show on this platform.

Please do not use my photos without permission or direct link to my side!

For further information, questions and coorperations please contact me on this email adress:



Lots of love,


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