Baby Blue obsession


A couple of months ago I had a little obsession with the color Baby Blue and I bought everything in that color, this fantastic coat included.

IMG_1282b KopieIMG_1219b

The coat is from Zara and the hat from Primark. Unfortunatly both items are old but you can find similar coats here, here and here. The same goes for the stylish hat. I really like the combination of Bordeaux/Oxblood with Baby Blue. The lipstick is one of my absolute favorite Mac colors with a touch of purple: Rebel.

IMG_1280bI am waiting for Christmas and the Holidays to come, so I can calm down and relax a little. The last couple of weeks and the weeks to come are/will be so exhausting. It seems like all the things that need to be done have to come together now at exact the same moment, and it’s been like that every single year, so I’m pretty sure you guys can relate. I hope you can still manage to take a break and take some time for yourself. Enjoy your day!


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